About Us 有關我們

“加州中華工商婦女企業管理協會”/Chinese Women’s Business Association of California (CWBAC) 於2017年5月成立於加州洛杉磯,為政府立案之501(C)(3)非營利組織。總會CWBA成立于於台北,1980年6月29日。 全球十多個國家皆設有分會, 並于各國締結眾多優良素質的姐妹會,會員們為來自各行各業能夠獨當一面的華人女企業家翹楚。同時有聘有強大的顧問團,能夠隨時互動,指導,以及資源共享。

The Chinese Women’s Business Association of California (CWBAC) was a non–profit 501(C)(3) organization established in Los Angeles, California U.S.A. in May 2017 and was federated with Taipei CWBA which was established on June 29, 1980. CWBA has federations in different countries and many sisterhood associations globally. In CWBAC, members are the leading Chinese female entrepreneurs from all kinds of professions and trade who are capable to stand alone in their own field. In the meantime, CWBAC has a strong advisory group that can interact, guide, and share resources in many ways.


“加州中華工商婦女企業管理協會/CWBAC” 設有 “毓秀獎” 每兩年頒發獎項給社區傑出人士. 獎項包括:

  • 傑出女性楷模獎
  • 傑出女性企業家獎
  • 傑出企業家獎獎
  • 人道主義獎
  • 終身成就獎
  • 社區貢獻獎
  • 菁英企業獎
  • 傑出人材獎
  • 教育成就獎

“YuXiu Awards”

CWBAC presents “CWBAC Elite Awards” every two years to outstanding entrepreneurs & talents. The Awards are including the following:

  • Female Role Model Award
  • Outstanding Female Entrepreneur Award
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur Award
  • Humanitarian Award
  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Talent Award
  • Elite Enterprise Award
  • Outstanding Talent Award
  • Outstanding Education Achievement Award

Contact info 聯絡我們


Chinese Women’s Business Associatiion of California
560 W. Main St., Ste C, #818, Alhambra, CA 91801