Mission 宗旨

“加州工商婦女企業管理協會” / Chinese Women’s Business Association of California (CWBAC) 協會主要宗旨在於:

  1. CWBAC集結著來自各行各業的菁英,彼此交流、學習、成長、服務
  2. 舉辦企業參訪及講座,促進企業的專業成長及交流
  3. 國際會議的參與,促進女企業家的國際友誼、商務、文化理解和學習
  4. 於社區推薦傑出優秀的人才以廣為人知
  1. CWBAC unites elite female entrepreneurs from all work fields, encourage all to communicate, learn, grow and serve each other.
  2. Hold business visits and seminars to promote professional growth and opportunities for business exchange.
  3. Participation in international conferences to promote international friendship, business, cultural understanding and learning for women entrepreneurs.
  4. Increase the popularity and recommend outstanding talents and professionals in the community